Experiencing Fremont Street

Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas,

Fremont Street! It’s the second most important strip in Las Vegas, and home to some of the most original casinos and mob stories. Some of the most original names that can be seen on Fremont Street are The Golden Nugget, Binon’s Horseshoe, The Fremont Hotel and Casino, The Pioneer Club and The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. Even though some of these Casinos cease to exist today, they’re still monumental building block that some of Las Vegas’ most infamous stories arise from.

Visiting Fremont Street

at night is a tourist favorite and must-do. The giant big-screen canopy TV that overlaps the entire street, also known as The Fremont Street Experience, is one of the largest big screen televisions in the world. Constructed in 1994, The Fremont Street Experience takes up 5 blocks of downtown Las Vegas, and the screen reaches up to 90ft. The overlapping canopy screen above Fremont Street weighs about 26k pounds and has about 12 million LED lamps. The Fremont Street Experience is always playing shows around the same time in the evenings in Las Vegas, and is also a great walk for those that are able.

A good way to get down to Fremont Street is by taking a locational, educational, tour that can transport you there. Visiting Fremont Street will also help you and guests consolidate your trip and vacation plans since it’s also the home of Vegas Vic, the first anatomically correct neon sign ever made, perched outside of a souvenir shop that used to be The Pioneer Club! Since his beginning nearly 62 years ago, Vegas Vic has lost his voice, stopped waving his arm, and lost a portion of his hat, due to the canopy television of The Fremont Street Experience!

In conclusion, get to Fremont Street and see downtown Las Vegas! A good guided walking tour can get you there and back, and with a guide, all of the information you need to know about Fremont Street in Las Vegas!