Every city has a story.

Some cities are old, some are new. But every city has a story to tell. How did Las Vegas get it’s start? Was Bugsy Siegel the real founder? Or does the credit really go to everyday men and women who looked out on a dusty railroad town and saw something bigger? Do you want to find out? Then keep reading…

We are the story keepers.

The highest rated tour company in New York & DC has landed in Vegas. We promise to take you places that other Tour Companies wouldn’t dare. We’ll dive head first into the deep and dangerous history of Las Vegas, and along the way we’ll make you smile, laugh, maybe even cry.

Something for everyone

Whether you’re a family of 4, newlyweds, a bachelor party, reality tv fans, or just a group of friends – we’ve got a tour that’s right for you. Take a peak at some of our most popular Las Vegas Tours listed below – and remember we do Private Tours Too!