Family Fun Tour Las Vegas

What To Do With Kids in Las Vegas?

Take the Family Fun Tour in Las Vegas. If you are looking for something fun and educational to do with your children in Las Vegas, this is the answer. The tour is designed with kids in mind, and the focus is on educating them while showing them a great time in Las Vegas. The itinerary is specifically designed to show your family the best kid-friendly attractions in Las Vegas. This tour is operated on a climate-controlled mini bus with padded seats, and free bottled water is available during the tour. You can take a vacation from having to deal with the stress of determining what to do with your kids while you are in town. The tour guide will take over the job of entertaining the kids during the tour. This tour will save you time, money and stress.

The Lion Habitat Ranch

Family Fun Tour LionsThe Lion Habitat Ranch, the new home of MGM’s famous lions, is the favorite stop on this tour. You will get to tour the facility and “meet” the lions and their cubs. Each lion has a story and the kids will learn facts about each one. It is the perfect opportunity to learn about these majestic animals. All entry fees are included.



Tanked TV Show VegasThe tour also visits Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, home of Tanked, the #1 rated show on Animal Planet. You will get to tour the facility, with a focus on education of marine animals and plant life. The guide will show you the super-cool aquariums featured on the hit television series, and they will have a chance to meet and interact with some of the stars from that hit show. There are quite a few surprises at this location that kids love.

Toy Shack & Ultimate Sports Memorabilia

Another popular stop is at Toy Shack, the vintage toy store made famous on History Channel’s Pawn Stars. Guests will have the opportunity to tour this amazing toy store that includes memorabilia from the past all the way to the present. They also may get the chance to meet the owner, Johnny, who has been seen on the Pawn Stars TV show. This stop is a favorite of kids and grownups alike. Conversations along the lines of “Daddy used to play with this G.I. Joe doll,” and similar stories are overheard all the time.

Next door to the Toy Shack is Ultimate Sports Cards and Memorabilia, the sports memorabilia shop seen on Pawn Stars. Kids will get to see sports memorabilia from past to present and hear stories about their favorite sports stars. You may also get the chance to meet Jeremy, another one of the experts from the hit series Pawn Stars. As you leave Toy Shack and the sports store, you will pass by one of the world’s largest Denny’s diners, which has a wedding chapel inside it.

Fremont Street Attractions and Golden Nugget

From Toy Shack, the tour walks down the revitalized Fremont Street district downtown, where guests see the hotels that made Las Vegas famous, like Binions, Fitzgeralds, the Four Queens, and the Plaza. On the way, you will see Vegas Vic, the iconic Las Vegas neon cowboy, street performers, and you might see someone get married on the zipline overhead. The group will then visit the world famous Golden Nugget Hotel, where guests will see one of the largest shark tanks in the world filled with several varieties of shark and other sea life in their open-air aquarium. The tour guide will also show you the largest Gold nugget ever unearthed, and learn about its history. If you need some gold while you are there, they have an ATM machine that dispenses gold rather than cash.

M&M World and the Coca-Cola Factory Store

The tour also stops at M&M World and the Coca Cola Factory Store. Guests will have the opportunity to view the 5 levels of M&M World, and take pictures with the M&M mascots. At the Coca-Cola Factory, your kids can take their picture with the iconic Coca-Cola polar bear as well as enjoy a tasting of Coke products from around the world or a tasting of different varieties of Coke floats.

All in all, the tour is a fantastic experience for families. It will show you several educational attractions that you probably did not know existed in Las Vegas. Your kids are sure to have a great time on the Family Fun Tour in Las Vegas.

The Family Fun Tour operates seven days a week. The tour lasts approximately 4 ½ hours. Tickets for children are $69 and adults are $49.