Vegas Night Club Tour

Tours of Las VegasImagine this…

You walk up to the red ropes at one of the hottest clubs in Vegas, high five the bouncer and breeze right inside. There’s a line a mile around the block to get in – but you don’t have to wait in line because you’re the ultimate VIP.

Whispers follow you everywhere you go, wondering who you are? Club Paparazzi chase after you trying to get your photo. No one knows this is your first time to Vegas.

Whether it’s your first time to Vegas or your 15th, you owe it to yourself to experience Vegas like the rich and famous.

The OnBoard Tours Vegas Nightlife VIP Tour has it all! The only question is – are you ready for the TIME OF YOUR LIFE?

Night Club Tour of Las Vegas - VIPAre you ready for Vegas?  Nightlife capital of the world?!

You’re about to have an incredible time.  The only question is how much fun, for how much cash?

Do you want to be another anonymous tourist, or would you rather be a VEGAS INSIDER?!?

Don’t you wish you knew somebody who has access to all the hot clubs is friends with everybody there?  You do!

Whether it’s your first trip to Las Vegas, or you’re a frequent visitor to Sin City, you’ll have a rockstar experience with the Vegas Insider’s Nightlife Experience!!

Did you know there’s two ways to do Vegas:

The tourist way:

Figure out which of the Vegas many clubs, bars, and lounges to go to, and what’s good which night.

Wait in a 30 min cab line and spend $20 fare.

Once you find the club, sober up waiting in line up to two hours long!

After paying your $40 cover charge, hope that the club has a good crowd that night of the week

Once inside, wait another 15 min trying to get the bartenders attention to serve you an $18 cocktail

If you and your friends decide the place isn’t happening:

    • Say adios to that cute girl or guy you just started to click with
    • Risk driving drunk or pay another $20 cab fare and repeat the process all over again, except now the line is longer since it’s later in the night!

Or decide to stay there all night long.  After your back at home, you can tell all your friends about the ONE, maybe TWO famous Las Vegas nightclubs you saw (leaving out all the hassle and expense you went through of course).

The Vegas Insider Way:

Kick off your night worry-free of the details, relaxing in the confidence that some of Vegas’ best clubs are lined up for you and your friends!

Roll up to the front of the line at the first ultra lounge to check-in with your group’s personal VIP Host or Hostess who will be taking care of you all night long.

Our Hosts know all the doormen and bartenders, and they take care of our guests because we bring them business night after night.

Don’t sweat the sky-high cover charge – you’re taken care of!

We’ll start off the night with a complimentary group shot to introduce you to your new friends.  Then you’ll have an hour to warm up for the night with 2-for-1 drink specials.  Get quicker service now that your VIP Host has introduced you to the bartender.

Now you’re not just with your buddies from home, but you’re making new friends from all over the world.  And you have 4 more hours and 3 more clubs to get better acquainted with them

Now that you’ve got your drink on, it’s time to bounce to the next hot spot.

As you roll up to the front of the line with your entourage of new friends, everybody else who’s been standing in line for an hour will be wondering who YOU must be!?  It’s a lot easier to meet that hot girl or guy inside the club when you make your entrance with so much “social proof” that you know how to bring the party!

After making the rounds, it’s time to load up in your limo bus for the mobile party!  Comp drinks, leather seats, bumping system, and stripper pole!

Make your VIP entrance at two more incredible nightclubs and finish off the night at your own pace

If you really want to finish off the night with a bang, we can hook you up with discounted VIP bottle service so you can have your private “home base” table in the club

From just one night of Vegas Insider’s Experience, after you touchdown at home you can impress your friends with pics and stories of FOUR of Sin City’s hottest clubs!  You’re now entitled to brag that YOU know how to do Vegas – You’re a Vegas Insider!!

VIP Host/Hostess (Party like a Celebrity!)

Vegas best VIP Hosts and Hostesses, including MTV’s Brandon Nelson.

Book The Vegas Night Club Tour Now

We look forward to having you on our next amazing tour!

$99.00 includes:

VIP Party Bus
4 of Vegas hottest Night Clubs
All Cover Cost (Save up to $120!)
Drink Specials (Save up to $60!)
VIP Entry in to All Clubs (Priceless!)
Free Drinks on the Bus (More Savings!)
Party like a Rock Star
And Much More!!

What You Need?

A valid government-issued photo ID or passport is REQUIRED for admission into each Night Club. You must be 21 years of age at the time of the tour.

Proper attire is required for entrance into each Night Club. A button-up shirt or polo and nice jeans are OK for men, but sneakers are NOT. Flip-flops are also unacceptable for ladies or men. In Vegas, the word is ”dress to impress”.

We are not responsible if you are denied entrance to any Night Club due to lack of proper identification or inappropriate clothing.

What is included?

Start at 9:45 PM
2-for-1 drinks *** In some locations
VIP Access into 4 clubs
All Cover Charges Are Included
Party Bus Transportation
Complimentary Beverages on Party Bus
VIP Hostess/Host will be your guide for the evening
Transportation from the Starting location to the Ending location

Meet your host at the first lounge on this list to start your tour:

MEET AT: Lily Lounge @ Bellagio 9:45pm
Hyde Nightclub 10:40pm- 12am
LAX Nightclub 12:15am 1:45am
Revolution @ Mirage 2:00am – 4:00am
MEET AT: Revolution @ Mirage 9:45pm
1 Oak @ Mirage 10:50pm- 12:45am
Chateau Nightclub 1am- 2:30am
LAX Nightclub 2:45am- 4:00am
MEET AT: Revolution @ Mirage 9:45pm
1 Oak @ Mirage 11:00pm- 12:45am
LAX Nightclub1:00am- 2:30am
Chateau Nightclub 2:30am- 4:00am


[lts_infobox type=”info” clickable=”no” boldtext=”Please Note:”]Specific club availability is at the Club’s Discretion. OnBoard Tours reserves the right to substitute an alternate club when necessary[/lts_infobox]